The essence of the Australian Shepherd

As a herding dog, the Australian Shepherd has a being that wonderfully qualifies him for this responsible task. If you want to keep him as a family dog, you should know his characteristics well in order to do him justice. The Australian Shepherd is a beautiful dog with an exciting nature - Image: Shutterstock / Zuzule

Active, lively and sporty: The clever Australian Shepherd is a dog that needs varied employment, which challenges it, but does not overwhelm it.

With the right attitude a great family dog

With an active dog like this, it is important to offer him an absolutely species-appropriate attitude that is adapted to his nature. Only then is it possible for him to show only the very best of his character. If the Australian Shepherd is physically and mentally busy, he has a very pleasant nature.

He is a nice contemporary, friendly, calm and tolerable. He almost never shows himself to be aggressive. He usually doesn't like it with strangers and is rather reserved towards them.

Born to look after and watch: The Australian Shepherd

In addition, the "Aussie" is very smart, playful and docile. To please people is very important to him. He is extremely attentive. Nothing escapes this dog, which is good on the one hand, but can also stress him out in an environment with many stimuli (for example in the city). He is a child-loving team player, if he is socialized accordingly, and very sensitive.

Australian Shepherds: The colorful sports cannons

What makes him a beginner dog is not easy and in no way is his watch and herding. His strength, endurance and willingness to work are innate and distinctive for his nature. With a gentle, consistent dog training and the necessary level of physical exertion, they do not have a negative effect on living with him.