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There are no consciously bred "dwarf cats", but some small breeds of cats are more delicate than others. In the following we describe which velvet paws belong to it. Small cat breeds: The Singapura cat is one of them - Picture: Shutterstock / Krissi Lundgren

The small cat breeds - if not the smallest - include the Singapura cats. As their name suggests, the velvet paws come from the city state of Southeast Asia. They only weigh about two to three kilograms and are therefore very delicately built. The cuddly cat is uncomplicated and is happy about regular employment. As a rule, she particularly likes the attitude with a fellow man.

These are particularly small breeds of cats

The Munchkin also belongs to the miniature velvet paws. The body of the calm cat is actually normal in size, but it has short legs that are not typical for cats - almost like a dachshund. It was discovered in the United States during World War II. Today she is known as a gentle family cat that is distinguished by elegant restraint.

The Bombay cat is also a rather small animal. But it is built muscular, which can make it appear larger. The black "mini panther" is intelligent and affectionate. He feels particularly comfortable in a family household or with a playmate.

Small cat breeds: these are part of it

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The Ceylon cat is a still relatively unknown species. It belongs to the small cat breeds and comes from the island state of Sri Lanka, whose former name is Ceylon. The house tiger was first introduced to Europe from the tropics in the 1960s. She is petite and very active. Enough exercise and exercise are important for the beautiful exotic woman.