Turkish Angora: That's her character

A cat is not a cat: if you want to buy a Turkish Angora, you should know what character you are dealing with in this animal. The Turkish Angora has a good-natured character- Image: Shutterstock / DreamBig

If you are looking for a pure cuddly cat, the Turkish Angora might not be the right choice for you. Because of its character, this elegant breed requires a special form of attention.

Turkish Angora: She just wants to play

The Turkish Angora is a very intelligent being. All in all, she is a very uncomplicated animal, but she has her own head and knows exactly what she wants. In addition to an extra portion of petting, that's in many cases: playing. If you buy such a cat, you should be willing to spend some time with it.

Although the cat can do justice to her urge to move and her curiosity alone, it is surely nicer for her if the movement is integrated into a game. Thanks to its playfulness, it is also particularly suitable for learning small tricks. Clicker training or agility can also be a lot of fun with it.

A loving family cat

The Turkish Angora is also good for families. She has a very good-natured character and is not easily frightened. If a child is a bit clumsy, they usually don't take it badly. Nevertheless, the children should of course have sufficient experience with cats and never be rude to their pets.

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