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The pug and its typical properties

The pug is a lively little guy who goes through thick and thin with its owners. Read here what the cute dog with the distinctive look has for special properties. Playful, friendly, tolerable: that's the pug! - Image: Shutterstock / MongPro

The pug almost always appears to be in a good mood and with its loving, charming properties it is a dog for the whole family. He is adaptable, but a four-legged friend who needs closeness to his person - to be much alone would not be anything for the loyal dog.

The pug: happy, loving and affectionate

The human-related dog would like to be everywhere and usually knows how to behave very well on the go. You rarely see him get a little upset, and so he is reliable when dealing with children. No wonder the adaptable dog feels so comfortable in families. In living together he is quite uncomplicated and is considered calm and balanced - however, he can also be cocky, because he loves to play and often makes people around him laugh with his lovable, mischievous manner. With the fun-loving little four-legged friend, it never gets boring. Since he is sensitive and empathetic, loving care of him should be a matter of course, because he would suffer a lot from everything else.

Social behavior and activity

When walking and romping in the garden, you will experience representatives of this dog breed actively, happily and - as far as its physical prerequisites allow - also experience sport.

The ten cutest pug puppies

The pug is lovely and open-minded, whether to humans or animals. When meeting other dogs, the little four-legged friend shows courage and is neither prone to aggression nor to fear. Nevertheless, his owners should keep a good eye on him: his courage and friendliness can lead him to underestimate dangers because he forgets that not all dogs are as friendly as he is.