Cheeky cats: "This bag is great!"

Many owners of velvet paws are known that cats love boxes more than anything. But the rascals in this video are after a red bag - and none of the cute kitties would like to share the new toy with their siblings.

"This is my toy!", Each of these cats probably wants to say to his playmates. The sweet velvet paws have discovered a bag in their home. And this seems to be so interesting for them that everyone wants to slip in there once.

But as soon as one of the kitties has made itself comfortable in the red object, the next cheeky badger comes and scares away his sibling - whether with quick movements or simply by sitting on the bag. Ultimately, however, everyone in the group gets the opportunity to take a seat with the newly won toy. Sweet and playful rascals!

Cats and boxes: what fits, fits!

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