Dog training: why do you need a towline?

Many dog ​​owners swear by the use of a towline when raising their four-legged friend. When exactly do you use the extra long line? Tow lines are often used for young dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Soloviova Liudmyla

The towline is a special dog leash that is usually between five and 15 meters long. It is used as an instrument in dog training - mostly in young animals. It allows the four-legged friend to browse and stray in peace, but without leaving it to itself.

Tow line: Training tool for the dog

Young dogs in particular do not immediately listen to your human commands. When you are in puberty, you test your limits - similar to humans. It starts around the 9th month, before which most fur noses have a natural follow-up drive. If you then use a towline for training, you give your dog the feeling of freedom. Thanks to the immense length of the towline, he can stray from the path, follow a track and maybe even jump into the water. He probably won't even notice the line.

Training with the dog: teamwork for the partnership

However, if you call him and he doesn't come right away, you can use the instrument to remind him that he needs to listen to your call. At first, this reminder should be gentle and careful, later you can still draw more clearly.

Other uses of the long line

But the towline can not only be a good tool for dog training in young animals. It can also be helpful for bitches in heat or for anti-hunting training. Some breeds have a strong hunting instinct by nature. With a long leash you can make walks in the forest safer and more relaxed.

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