Keep cats away from curtains: tips and tricks

Did your cat kill you for your favorite curtains? If you have had to buy new curtains more than once because your room tiger has tampered with it, it is time to change something. With a few tips you can keep cats away from curtains - Image: Shutterstock / Vasilyev Alexandr

Curtains are popular with cats: some cats like to climb up on them, others use them as a hiding place or to fight with a fellow animal. All of these behaviors have one common consequence: their curtains will soon resemble Swiss cheese. With the right tips, however, you have a chance to get your kitty away from such destructive actions.

What cats love about curtains

Curtains can be fascinating for cats: they move easily in the wind that blows in through the window, maybe even a promising cord or other ribbon dangles from the curtains - all of these are very inviting signals for your velvet paw. Which cat doesn't want to jump up straight away and climb the top of the curtain rod? After all, four-legged friends with climbing skills also enjoy watching their world from above.

Especially curtains that reach down to the floor are also a wonderful hiding place - but not only to take a nap there: you can lurk among them and engage in an exciting fight with a colleague - or even the curtain itself ,

Make your curtains "uninteresting"

One of the simplest tips is: Attach your curtains so that they do not reach the floor or the windowsill. Ideally, the hem ends at least ten centimeters above. So you take away the possibility of your cat to use the curtains as hidden battle arenas. If your curtains are already fixed, simply tie them up - especially if your house tiger is at home alone.

Make sure there are plenty of alternative ways to play: Set up your cat in a high place from where it can see the entire room. Then she has no reason to use your curtain rod as a lookout. You should also offer her enough scratching and climbing options for sharpening your claws - best covered with sisal.

If your kitty doesn't give up anyway

Are you watching your velvet paw starting to leap towards the curtain? Then speak a word of power! Say out loud "No!" or clap your hands - the main thing is to draw your cat's attention away from the curtains. A burst of water from a flower spray bottle can also achieve the desired effect. However, make sure that your cat does not associate these negative experiences with you, but with the curtains. Then it means: stay on the ball! Train your cat's unwanted behavior by regularly reminding them with loud shouts, clapping or a splash of water that curtains are taboo.

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