Is fruit healthy for dogs?

Small amounts of fruit can add a little variety to the dog's menu and provide the four-legged friend with important vitamins. But which varieties are actually suitable for dogs and what should be considered when feeding?

Even in the wild, dogs would eat small amounts of fruit and vegetables while hunting by eating their herbivorous prey. If you have a four-legged friend at home who enjoys the apples in the garden or a fallen piece of banana in between, you are probably right to ask the question - is that actually healthy?

Fruit for dogs: Not a must, but not harmful either

The high content of vitamins and trace elements makes fruit in small quantities also a healthy snack for dogs. Fruit types such as banana are also valued by many dog ​​owners as a supplement for light food if the dog has diarrhea.

So if you want to make your four-legged friend happy with a piece of fruit every now and then, you don't normally have to worry about the health of your favorite. However, putting it on the daily menu is not advisable, if only because of the high sugar content.

Which fruits are considered tolerable?

Not every dog ​​likes fruit - so the question of whether he is allowed to do something in between arises only with four-legged friends who like to accept it. For most dogs, fruits such as apples, bananas, strawberries, plums, pineapples, mandarins, pears, watermelon or figs are popular and well tolerated. They can be washed off, fed in small portions, without seeds, and of course without sugar. Organic quality fruit is also a good idea for your loyal friend.

Caution: These types of fruit are not suitable

The types of fruit that your four-legged friend will not do you a favor with, even if he wants to, include grapes and raisins. Larger amounts can lead to symptoms of intoxication and kidney failure.

Dog food without animal testing: you should pay attention to this

Not only in our diet, we should focus on sustainable production and origin of the food ...

Since every animal is different, your dog may not be able to tolerate a certain type of fruit. If you have made this observation, the fruit in question should no longer be on your menu, not even exceptionally.

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