Vivacious and active: employ a Labrador

A Labrador Retriever needs a lot of exercise. Especially at a young age, the friendly dogs are very active and full of energy - here it is important to keep the Labrador busy. The Labrador is happy about playful activities - Image: Shutterstock / Omelianenko Anna

The Labrador Retriever is not an apartment dog - the active family dog ​​from the Canadian east coast wants to be kept busy and physically exhausted with a lot of exercise. Due to its pronounced "will to please" - the need to please its people - the Labrador is also suitable for beginners among dog owners, but they should also know which activities they can best employ their four-legged friends with.

Movement right

A Labrador needs a lot of exercise - but sprinting, agilty training or accompanying a bike are not really true for the big and heavy dog. He should also not climb stairs if it can be avoided - it damages his muscles and joints. Rather, the Labrador Retriever benefits from short, intense movement games as well as exercises that promote its dexterity and intelligence. As a retriever, he also enjoys activities on and in the water.

Dealing with the Labrador: physical and mental challenges

It is important to challenge this dog breed not only physically but also mentally. Games and "brain teasers" are not only a good activity, they also promote the bond between dog and owner and ensure a balanced, happy four-legged friend. These include the "classic" retrieval, but also the teaching of small tricks using clicker training or various intelligence and skill games that can be easily prepared yourself with a few accessories.

For example, from an empty plastic bottle that is pushed onto a pole and filled with treats, an apparatus can be built in which the dog has to find out how to turn the bottle over to get the food. Packing a portion of feed in non-toxic, unprinted paper can also challenge the dog, as can a so-called feed ball, in which it first has to play actively with the ball in order to get to the dry feed bites.

Labrador Retriever: A great family dog