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Ragdoll tomcat Timo plays with his friends, the koi carp

Such a garden pond is just the right thing for a cat to refresh itself a little in summer, Ragdoll tomcat Timo finds in the video. It is also a great opportunity to play with your friends, the koi carp. As a greeting, Timo has a kiss and a friendly paw stump for his koi buddy.

However, the koi carp does not seem to be very keen to play with Ragdoll tomcat Timo. He just swims away. "Don't worry!", The fluffy cat thinks and instead just feasts on the cool water. However, when another Koi carp swims towards Timo to welcome his furry-nosed friend, the Ragdoll cat ignores him. The fleece ball now seems to find it more interesting to ditch the paw in the water. Too cute!

Ragdoll cat: gentle giant with blue eyes

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