Cute pug confused by dog ​​statue

In this video a pug is quite perplexed: the black dog meets a Yorkshire Terrier in his home and reacts with barking. What the little guy doesn't know is that his counterpart is a statue.

"Who is this other dog in my home?" Pug Nao wondered. As soon as he has discovered the statue of a Yorkshire Terrier, the cute four-legged friend begins to defend his territory. "Go away! This is my place to stay!", The somewhat confused four-legged friend obviously wants to express and jumps wildly on the spot.

But the statue doesn't move a bit. So the pug tries a new tactic and charges towards the object several times. But he has no success with that either. The dog obviously has to make friends with its new roommate.

Pug - A dog for all purposes

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