Watch out for long hair and floppy ears: danger of awns!

Dogs and their owners have to beware of awns until the beginning of autumn. The pointed, rigid "hair", which can be found especially on grain ears, gets caught particularly quickly in long fur or under floppy ears. There is a risk that they will penetrate deep into the skin or remain undetected for a long time. Inflammation and suppuration can result. Awn catches particularly easily in floppy ears and long fur - Shutterstock / cynoclub

Especially when dogs frolic in grain fields or grow a lot of grass and ears on the dog walk along the road, the animals can catch awns. Fortunately, you can prevent this danger with little effort so that the walk with your dog does not end painfully.

Awns are small but dangerous

Ears of barley have small, pointed appendages that look like needles. They break off easily when dogs sniff them or graze the grass. Then they can get caught in the fur or get stuck in the webbing of the dog's paws. Sometimes they get into the eyes, ears or nose of the dogs.

The parts of the plant are not big, but very stubborn, because they stick like barbs in the fur or even in the mucous membranes. If you try to get rid of the foreign bodies by licking the fur, there is a risk that the dogs will push the awns deeper into their skin. If the foreign bodies are not removed quickly, they can cause inflammation and cause severe pain to the dog.

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Grooming for dogs for prevention

Therefore, search the fur of your four-legged friend for extensive walks in summer and autumn as a precaution for awns. But not only in the fur, also in the paws or sensory organs of your dog, the pointed plant parts can get caught. If you see an awn, carefully remove it with tweezers. By the way, in a short coat, the plant parts cannot get stuck so easily. Dogs with long fur, on the other hand, need special fur care to prevent this danger. It is best to use dog brushes to do justice to the fur of your favorite. Also trim the fur on the paws in the area between the toes.

Even dogs with floppy ears have to watch out for awns. While sniffing the floor and immersed in the exciting smells there, they don't notice how their ears grind on the floor and possibly pick up awns. Here it can help to carefully shorten the fur on the inside of the ears.