Use Schuessler salts correctly for cats

Schüßler salts are widely used as an alternative healing method today. What few people know: Schüßler salts are no less effective for cats than for humans. You can also use the special minerals in a variety of ways on your room tiger. You can simply give your loved ones Schüßler salts over their food or water - Shutterstock / Wichete Katesuwan

The theory behind the Schüßler salts developed by Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler in the 19th century states that the homeopathic preparations are able to cure all diseases. The total of 12 different Schüßler salts are intended to prevent an imbalance in the body or an uneven distribution of the salts in the body and to compensate for possible deficits that lead to illnesses.

When to use Schuessler salts for cats?

Schüßler salts for cats can help as well and represent a possible alternative to chemical preparations as for humans. If you use the Schüßler salts correctly, you usually don't have to worry about bad side effects. Nonetheless, responsible pet owners should first ask the vet for help in the event of illness, injury, etc. Schüßler salts for cats should only be used for mild complaints.

Which Schuessler salts can help with which problems and complaints can be found in the description of each of the 12 preparations. If cats vomit, Schuessler Salt No. 8 (sodium chloratum), for example, is suitable, which can reduce nausea. If your kitty has a cold, Schüßler Salt No. 3 (Ferrum phosphoricum) can bring relief. If you have diarrhea, Schüßler Salt No. 10 (sodium sulfuricum) may help, which can regulate bowel activity.

Caution! If you have serious illnesses, such as vomiting in connection with bloody sputum or other symptoms, you should always go to the veterinarian with your patient first and follow his recommendations.

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This is how you can administer Schüßler salts

The best way to administer Schuessler salts for cats is through the cat food. Simply crumble a tablet and add the crumbs to the wet food. Another option: dissolve the tablet in water. Your kitty can then absorb the salts through her water bowl or you can put the liquid in her mouth with a syringe.

The correct dosage should be based on the size of your cat. For small cats, it is best to start with a quarter tablet, adults usually tolerate half a tablet well. The respective dose also depends on the type and severity of the complaints. In the acute state, a dose can be administered two to four times an hour in most cases, correspondingly less in the decaying state.