Corgi: correct posture and care

Not only Queen Elizabeth II knows what a lovable dog breed the Corgi is. The care and maintenance of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke and the Welsh Corgi Cardigan are relatively straightforward, as long as you take enough time to fun with the dogs. The clever four-legged friends with the natural urge to move are otherwise bored quickly. Despite the short legs, the corgi needs a lot of movement - shutterstock / deci

The dog breed Corgi is available in two versions: Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Welsh Corgi Cardigan. The two corgi species do not differ in terms of keeping and care. It is important that you play with them a lot, go for walks and do dog sports. In addition, Corgis need a particularly consistent upbringing, since they are very stubborn and can get bold ideas from boredom. The cute short legs are extremely adorable and usually get along wonderfully with children.

Corgi attitude: exercise and employment

The Corgi was originally bred as a herding and cattle dog, so that he still feels a great urge to move and needs a lot of work. You don't really see that in him, because with his short legs he looks a little clumsy and unsportsmanlike at first glance. However, this should not deceive you, because without extensive walks and dog sports, corgis tend to be overweight. You only have to be careful when climbing the stairs that your corgi does not have to climb up and down the stairs as often. Otherwise a herniated disc could overtake him. With agility training, however, corgis are in their element, as the lively guy shows in this video:

If you exercise and walk regularly with your Corgi, keeping it in an apartment is not a problem. Your dog needs enough space for a retreat, otherwise he is quite frugal when it comes to the size of the apartment. In addition to physical exercise, Corgis also love to play intelligence games with you. So you can also do retrieving exercises with him in the apartment or try out search games, as in this video:

Corgis are family friendly

Whether you are single or have a family - one way or the other, a corgi will feel comfortable with you if you raise it accordingly, play a lot with it and let it participate in your life. If you have children, corgis are great pets because these dogs are usually very kind and friendly. The hunting instinct is hardly or not at all pronounced at Corgis.

Easy care of corgis

The relatively short, soft fur of the Corgis does not require extensive maintenance. You only need to brush the short-haired fur about once a week, and only when brushing in spring and autumn is it advisable to brush it two or three times a week. Then the four-legged friends lose a lot of hair and are happy if you help them to get rid of them.