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Cat fence for the garden: you should pay attention to this

House tigers love to enjoy the fresh air outside. But there are also dangers to being outdoors. A cat fence for the garden enables a healthy compromise, in which your velvet paw can enjoy both the opportunity for species-appropriate exercise and the necessary protection against dangers such as road traffic. Cats are excellent escape and climbing artists; normal garden fences are no obstacle for them - Shutterstock / Smit

A normal garden fence is usually not an obstacle for cats - the nimble animals either come under, over or between the fence elements. However, there are fences that are more suitable for cats. You can choose between different models, depending on what is suitable for your garden and your protection requirements. In the following you will learn more about the fence models and what you should pay attention to in general. Unfortunately, the disadvantages outweigh some of the variants.

Cat net for the garden: stitches must be tight enough

With the cat net you can quickly and flexibly mark out the areas in which your kitty should be - whether in the garden or on the balcony. The cat net as a cat fence for the garden is available in various forms and often also as a complete set including fastening material. As a rule, building the network is not a science. However, it is important that the size and tightness of the stitches are adapted to the size and, best of all, the weight and behavior of your cat. Your fur nose must not get caught in the mesh with your head. For slim and / or small cats, three to four centimeters mesh size is usually the right choice; five centimeters are often sufficient for stronger animals.

It should also be avoided that your stray can simply run around the net - a certain thread size must be available, especially if you have a big and heavy cat. Ask the specialist seller and, if necessary, inform yourself about wire reinforcements. Tip: There are transparent cat nets that are less visually appealing in your garden or on your balcony.

Invisible cat fence: how does it work?

Another option is the invisible cat fence. The principle is as simple as it is brilliant: a wire is laid under or on the ground. Along the wire, a radio transmitter sends signals that are connected to a radio receiver that your cat is wearing on its neck. If your kitty comes into the area of ​​the wire, a warning tone is triggered, which should prevent her from stepping over the wire. If you continue anyway, there is a harmless but unpleasant punishment in the form of a slight electric shock.

The advantages: The invisible garden fence does not disturb the appearance of the garden. In addition, the principle with warning tone and punishment is considered quite safe and your cat remains within the defined limits. In addition, the wire can be used not only to secure the property boundaries, but also certain areas in the garden that should not be entered - such as a pool or a flower bed.

Secure access for the cat in the garden

Secure clearance for cats is a practical compromise solution for all those who ...

Caution! Disadvantages of the invisible cat fence outweigh

Many cat lovers and animal rights activists advise against the invisible cat fence. There are several reasons for this: On the one hand, it is generally questionable to measure animals with electrical surges, even if they are slight, and on the other hand, the animals do not always understand that warning signals and punitive stimuli are related to the property boundaries - confusion, fear and frustration can result , Another blatant disadvantage is the fact that other animals such as conspecifics or dogs can cross the invisible fence without consequences and only your animal is restricted.

In some cases, this can even be dangerous because your cat cannot flee far enough or is handicapped in an argument with rivals. However, there is also a risk that your cat will quickly flee across the border in fear and will not dare to go back afterwards. Not only that, it is also dangerous to equip a cat with a cat collar with a radio transmitter, as it could get caught on bushes and other objects in the garden.

Electric fence for the cat: animal friendly is different

A pasture fence or electric fence is another way of fencing your kitty. In contrast to the invisible fence, it is visible so that your cat can also see where the limits are. The electric fence also keeps other animals out of your garden, and your cat doesn't need a radio transmitter for it. However, the same explosiveness applies to this fence variant as to the invisible fence: Electric shock is not an animal-friendly means for cats, neither in terms of sanctions nor in terms of fencing.

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