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Dalmatian: nature and character of beautiful dogs

Smart, cheerful and very active: Dalmatians enchant not only with their pretty exterior, but also with their lively and loving nature. If you want to buy a dog of this breed, you should carefully consider whether the four-legged friend's character really suits him. Dalmatians are great dogs that need an experienced owner - Image: Shutterstock / Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

To find out, you should inquire well about the nature and optimal keeping conditions of a Dalmatian before buying. Of course, every Dalmatian is individual, but you will find the characteristics discussed below with many representatives of this dog breed.

Dalmatians: Lively dogs that need clear rules

A well-behaved, lovingly treated and busy Dalmatian has a happy, playful and affectionate nature. He is a clever, adaptable family dog ​​who needs a lot of love and reacts sensitively to pressure and stress: Anyone who encounters the Dalmatian with a dog education that is too hard or unjust will most likely get to know him from his stubborn side. With praise, on the other hand, you achieve a lot more with him, so positive reinforcement is the best method of education for him.

Despite their sensitivity, Dalmatians are confident dogs with a strong character that can become headstrong if you don't take the lead. It is important that you do not use an authoritarian leadership style and under no circumstances try aversive training methods on your dog. Instead, with clear instructions, consistency, and patience, you can make sure that your Dalmatian follows you on your own. If you use clear commands and regular training to ensure that your four-legged friend understands what you want from him, but at the same time treats him lovingly, he will voluntarily follow you.

Nervous being? Prejudice against Dalmatians

For a while there was a rumor that Dalmatians were nervous in their character and even aggressive. This was because the dog breed with the black dots experienced a boom as a result of the Disney cartoon "101 Dalmatians" in the 1970s. Unscrupulous multipliers and inexperienced breeders followed the trend and bred the dogs without paying attention to their mental well-being and a decent socialization of puppy paws.

If dogs do not grow up in a safe environment from birth and get to know other people, conspecifics and other animals as well as everyday noises at an early age, they are particularly frightening later. Some then compensate for their anxiety and nervousness with aggression. This has nothing to do with the breed, but with a lack of socialization and a lack of upbringing.

Dalmatian pictures: dog with nice black dots

History of the dog breed and importance for its character

Dalmatians are a very old breed of dog and it is not known beyond doubt what their original purpose was. However, they later proved themselves in the UK and the USA as companion dogs for horse-drawn carriages. In the United States, they were frequent companions of the fire department when their cars were still being pulled by horses. They barked at the arrival of the fire department, so they were a kind of siren on four paws. They also guarded the carriages and kept stray dogs away. It is also believed that Dalmatians were guard dogs on farms and chased pests away from the farm.

For his essence, this means that character traits such as vigilance, intelligence and attentiveness as well as versatility were taken into account when breeding. In addition, the dogs are physically persistent and, if necessary, able to make decisions independently. At the same time, however, they feel very comfortable in the company of people and help their two-legged partner with great pleasure.

The Dalmatian and its nature: utilization is important

The Dalmatian is very lively, but he only shows it outside when it is busy. He loves to run and does it with a lot of perseverance. Mindfulness is a must for the intelligent dog. The four-legged friend feels most comfortable in a family where there is a lot going on. He also gets along with children as long as they don't annoy him or consider him a toy.

As a city dog ​​or animal that is constantly alone or mentally and physically challenged, he would not only become unhappy, but could also develop behavioral problems. Overall, the Dalmatian is an advanced dog who needs an owner who knows the breed and its peculiarities well!

Dog sport for the Dalmatian

So that your Dalmatian can really let off steam, it is advisable to practice dog sports with him regularly. Dog dancing, for example, is a great activity for the pretty polka dot wearer, both mentally and physically. But agility and obedience training are also possible.