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Marmalade defeats cancer and celebrates its birthday

Cole and Marmalade have been enjoying the hearts of cat lovers for some time. The red cat Marmalade celebrated its second birthday in July. This is almost a miracle, because the poor cute cat fought with cancer in the previous year. For this, its owners did not allow themselves to be ragged for its birthday party and built it a magical cat playground. As can be seen in the video, Marmalade's favorite buddy Cole should not be missing at the party. So touching!

Is there a cat friend who does not have one or two tears rolling down in this video? Poor little marmalade was diagnosed with cancer last year. A nightmare for anyone who loves cats! He had to endure emergency surgery and bravely endured the subsequent chemotherapy. Then the relief: Marmalade defeated cancer!

This cheeky red cat celebrated its second birthday this July and this had to be celebrated properly. Its owners converted their living room into a wonderful cat playground especially for the fluffy birthday child. They put everything that Marmalade particularly loves: boxes, laundry baskets, toilet paper rolls (which the cute cat was allowed to unroll to their hearts' content), catnip, handbag to sleep, trash can to hide, a cozy blanket with his name, toys and even a cat- DVD with a mouse film. As a birthday cake there was a fish-shaped pate decorated with treats. Marmalade generously shared this with his best friend Cole. Simply heart-wrenching and beautiful, how happy the two cat buddies of their life are!

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