Agility training for the dog: tips for beginners

Agility training not only promotes condition and concentration of the four-legged friends, but also the human-dog relationship. If you would like to try out agility training with your dog for sporting reasons or just for fun, you will find a few tips for beginners here. Agility obstacle: the tunnel - Image: Shutterstock / Mikel Martinez

While your four-legged friend jumps over hurdles and masters various tricky stations, give the commands and follow your fur nose at every turn - this is not only fun for your dog, but also for you. The agility training welds dog and owner even closer together and is also ideal for beginners.

The agility course: using simple materials

An agility course does not have to be perfectly equipped. If you don't want to buy special equipment, you can also easily create obstacles from the things you find at home. For example, two boxes and a curtain rail create a first hurdle. You can also use nature as an obstacle course: agility training can be implemented just as well with the help of streams, tree trunks and a few sticks. Tip: Always make sure to convey the devices easily and with a lot of patience. Your dog should never be afraid of the obstacles or the task.

Agility training for beginners: issue correct commands

Successful agility training leads to the goal via the correct instructions. As a beginner, give your dog the way with a clear voice and clear announcements, whereby it is important that your four-legged friend already knows the basic commands safely. The right motivation is also important for the dog. If your four-legged super athlete has correctly overcome an obstacle, applause and a reward should always follow to promote ambition. Tip: Always take enough treats with you for training!

Dog sport agility: the obstacle course in pictures

More tips for beginners

It is particularly important to make the course varied and to change it regularly so that your dog does not simply rewind the route headless. Also make sure that jumps are made on a soft surface to prevent joint problems in the dog. A good tip is to always practice in the fresh air, because dogs are much more motivated outdoors than in the house or in the apartment. It is also important: do not overwhelm your dog. End the agility training with a lot of applause and a reward as soon as your dog appears to be unfocused or exhausted.

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