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Ten reasons to adopt a black cat

In the video, Chris Poole, the favorite person of the famous cats Cole and Marmalade, explains why you should definitely adopt a black cat. For example, the black fur noses have super powers that make them born ninjas - well ... almost.

In addition, black salon lions can make themselves invisible and they are always up to date in terms of fashion - after all, the color black is timelessly elegant. Not to forget: black cats are incredibly cute, and they are also very clean. And with a black velvet paw in the house, it's almost like having a mini panther in the living room. In addition, the Schnuffelschnuten with the black fur are simply adorable! Nevertheless - and this is the last and most important reason - black cats are adopted much less often than their red, gray, white and tabby counterparts.

For more evidence of why not just Cole, but all black cats are absolutely gorgeous and wonderful, see the next video:

Why are black cats harder to get across?

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact: Black cats are heavier in the animal shelter or at the breeder ...

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